• Aneta Bobowska

The challenges of life & how to face them

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How resilient are you in the most difficult moments in life?
Do you face life challenges head on and see them as opportunity for growth or do you get caught up in the drama?
Are you able to cope with negative emotions, learn from the experience and move on or do you get hocked into the fear and worry and go down the negative spiral of negative emotions and consequences?

It is during the most difficult times that we need to trust and find solace that things in fact are as they should be. Trust that we are where we need to be and the life obstacle we are facing is in fact the bridge to help us where we need to get to. It shows up to point to us deeply hidden conflict within our mind.

It indicates that we are ready to uncover the emotional conditioning which keeps us stuck. Its time to face it and move on to better and happier life.

Emotional health & resilience - why is it important to master our emotions

We can only see so much from where we sit in our particular bodies, in the midst of our particular lives when we try to make sense of what is happening in our lives and not understand why things are happening to us.

The purpose in life is to grow into the person we meant to be and uncover our full potential. This comes with overcoming the obstacles we are faced with in life.

How would it feel if you saw life challenges as the opportunity to grow to the magnificent women you are deep inside and NOT as an obstacle anymore?

When faced with difficult moments we have to find trust and courage within ourselves to back ourselves up, stretch ourselves and do our best. See that making mistakes is part of growth and simply learn from them and keep going. By facing the fears that show up along the way we have opportunity to grow into fierce and emotionally strong women.

The mastery of life is to free our mind from childhood emotional conditioning, not act from the conditioned negative emotions and to freely choose how we want to be and behave in the world.

I invite you to start observing how your negative emotions compel you to behave in a fixed and not desirable way which lead you to repeat the negative consequences you get in life?

Maybe people keep pulling away from you, you attract not committal or available guys or you are not being able to get the promotion at work that you so want?

It all starts with your mind. Imagine yourself being free to choose how you respond to life situations and NOT act out of your negative emotions anymore? To be free to chose how to act in everyday life that leads you directly to where you want to get rather then repeat your history and replay the same negative outcomes over and over again.

This choice is ours and starts with facing our fears head on. The fears are NOT as scary once we uncover them, face them and see the truth of how our mind works. See how our mind STOPS us from getting what we want.

By uncovering what we fear we become aware why we haven't and couldn't have created what we wanted in life and become free.

With this higher knowledge our life's become easier. We are able to find our inner power to transform our mind, ourselves and our life's. We become the creators of our destiny.

The power is within our mind and we have the power to use it!

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