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Your Life Purpose - the fastest way to feeling fulfilled & happy

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Seems SIMPLE and it is! However is comes with taking responsibility for yourself and your destiny. Whether or not you meet your destiny & fulfill your purpose is up to you.

Create your dream!

Each of us of is born with unique gift and talent and its our life's purpose to express it and share with others. As a child you might loved to dance, write, dreamt to be an artist or a successful businesswomen and travel the world or you simply always wanted happy family and joy of being a mum and a wife.

How would it feel to finally have your dream? What impact would it have on you and the ones you love? How would your life change? Who would you be and be doing?

Unfortunately you might have as many of us forgot about your dream or talent or pushed it away.

The society made you doubt if you have it in you. Made you think that you cannot do it, told you that our lives are predestined and that we should resign overselves to what life throws at us.

We took on a believe that we are powerless, things are happening to us and we have no power to create what we want.

If we are “ good” and are lucky we may get what we want. We feel disempowered and resign ourselves to living life that is expected of us chasing other “thing” that will make us feel happy but if it does it is only for a moment.

We never feel fulfilled and no matter what we do things don’t seem to get better. The feeling of not having what you dream about is killing you, however this calm quiet voice within you keep saying over and over again that there is more to life then. Your intuition tells you that you deserve more!

Ask yourself what would you be prepared to do to create your dream?

Saying yes to your purpose in life is the first step. The fact that you desire it and your intuition points you to it means you can create it.

While creating what you want in life starts with knowing what you want and doing the work on shifting your limiting belifs and assumption in your mind, when you chose to take full responsibility for fulfilling your destiny and begin to act with intention of doing so, not only you take fate into your own hands but also you become the hands of your own fate. Doorways inevitably open for you to step through and every choice you make can be a creative act towards creating your dreams.

You begin to follow your instincts and intuition, recognise opportunities when they are presented to you and seize those golden moments. You also begin to recognise the decisions that may not serve this greater picture and can more easily push them aside.

Remembering that the decision to create what we would love to have to in our life is always a choice can be empowering. When we chose to be free to create the obstacles that show up in our life become challenges to overcome to allow us to grow into the person we meant to be. That's when our life become an exciting adventure of steps leading us to want we want in life.

Your fate is in your hands.

Much love,


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