Awaken your personal power and create the life that you want.


Do you ever feel as if you have hit a wall in your life?  

Things have been good so far, but recently you are feeling blocked with your career, relationships or family no matter how hard you try. 


You may feel emptiness and a lack of joy in your life?

Or simply, you are ready for more.  A life which is more satisfying, purposeful, healthy, loving, colourful, fun and joyful?  The true life that you feel deep inside that you always meant to live. 

This is just the right place for you. 

At Embliss, we empower you to own your universe so that you can become the extraordinary true you that you are capable of becoming.

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Individual Life Coaching:
Love & Relationships

I will work with you on an individual coaching session discussing your love and relationship challenges to identify a programme to help you move forward.

Individual Career Coaching:
Leadership & Success

I will develop an individual programme to help you with your career and work vision.

Workshops & Events

I'm am an experienced speaker and facilitator.  I am available to design and run your sessions.



"People comment on the changes in me.

My relationship with my boss was transformed, friendships are flourishing, my connection to people and to my higher self are so much better now.


Aneta is exceptionally gifted in her ability to connect and receive the information that helps you move forward, and her kindness and understanding allows her to communicate it in a way that facilitates its acceptance."

 Natalia, London


"After 6 months together I feel that I have grown more into the women I want to be.  I have a happier relationship and my business is starting to blossom into what it is supposed to be!


I really appreciate how Aneta challenges me and makes me see things more clearly and from another perspective. Forever grateful!”

— Sara, Sweden

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“Aneta has made such a positive impact on my journey to living my truth.


I'm deeply greatful for her insight, guidance and support... she is an amazing coach.”

— Ian, Canada

"Aneta is an extremely wonderful soul, who lightens, brightens and focuses a room instantly. While she has an incredible strength, she also has vulnerability which makes her an INCREDIBLE coach.


She has the ability to see right to the centre and get to the truth which I found to be an immensely helpful skill when working with her."

— Isabelle, London

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Feel free to discuss any issues that you may have in a friendly, confidential, obligation-free introductory chat.  


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